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DigiBarn Docs: "How Apple Booted Up"
Key Documents in the Creation of Apple's First Operating System
(Apple II DOS, 1978)

Thanks Paul Laughton for your donation of this superb collection of early to mid-1978 documents including the letters, agreements, specifications (including hand-written code and schematics), and two original source code listing for the creation of the Apple II "DOS" (Disk Operating System). This was, of course, Apple's first operating system, written not by Steve Wozniak ("Woz") but by an external contractor (Paul Laughton working for Shepardson Microsystems). Woz lacked the skills to write an OS (as did anyone then at Apple). Paul authored the actual Apple II DOS to its release in the fall of 1978. See Paul Laugton's story here.

News update! Working with the Computer History Museum, the Apple ][ DOS Source Code is Released (November 12, 2013).

News update! Story on CNET about the Apple ][ DOS by Daniel Terdiman The untold story behind Apple's $13,000 operating system (April 3, 2013).

Now that the source code has been converted to text we are looking for help from the community to assemble and run the binaries of the October release of the Apple II DOS. Contact us if you would be willing to help!.

"Shep" Apple II DOS Letters and Agreements
"Shep" Apple II DOS specifications, schematics and code

Apple II "Shep" DOS Source code listings (2) from 1978

Apple II Ordering Information

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Thanks Len Shustek and Computer History Museum
(August 2014)

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