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IndiVideo Products for Palm OS Mentioning their version of MazeWars, now discontinued

Important Note: IndiVideo has discontinued it's development and support of Palm and Pocket PC products. Final disposition of each product is shown below:

Palm Tools:

RsrcEdit: RsrcEdit has found a new home. Quartus, makers of Quartus Forth will soon be selling and supporting RsrcEdit. Quartus Forth users have been among the most faithful users of RsrcEdit, so it seems like a very good fit.

OnBoard C: While OnBoard C is no longer being activly developed by IndiVideo, the compiler and mutual support is available on the OnBoard C discussion group.

ResIn.exe (formerly PalmRI.exe): Several companies have licensed this product and been given the source code. One of those is Toysoft, which provides ResIn as part of another utility package.

PRCEdit.exe: PRCEdit only made it to the beta stage and is no longer available.

Palm Games:

MazeWars: This was our first Palm game. It has problems running on the new color screens. Because it is the oldest, it would also take the most effort to upgrade it. For that reason, we are simply discontinuing support for MazeWars.

Coal To Diamonds:
Grid Dominos:
WordFinder: We may develop versions of these programs which do not require registration.

Rush Hour:
Leapin' Lizards:
Lunar Lockout: Rights to these games belong to Binary Arts, so we will not be able to provide versions that do not require registration.

While we are no longer distributing these games, for those who already have a copy, we will provide registration codes. Send $10.00 US to: IndiVideo Registration, 1602 Inverness Circle, San Jose, CA 95124, USA. Include your Palm user name and the program you desire the code for. For faster service, include an email address for us to reply to.

Most Importantly: Thank you to everyone who helped support IndiVideo and it's products. We made these tools and games because we wanted to have them and we were glad to share them with all of you. A special thanks to Palm Gear HQ. If they would not have been there, we would not have had such an easy way to share these with you. Again, thank you all and best of luck with your handheld computing!

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