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Magazine: historic Second Issue, Oct 1975
Select Stories and Ads, for historical reporting purposes
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Are they real? A roadtrip to
Sphere and MITS, early computer manufacturers, which only goes to show that "hype" goes back to the very roots of the PC industry! This page also includes the BYTE staff. Also see Michael Holley's transcription and analysis of "Are They Real".

Second half of "are they real" where Bill Gates, Paul Allen and company are mentioned (see to right)

Extract from story "are they real" above. Perhaps one of the first mentions of Bill Gates, Paul Allen and the beginnings of Microsoft. See the mention of the "college-types working away at program development" above.

The Land of Altair ad

Altair pricing, assembled and unassembled. In this page is listed Altair basic (see to right)

Altair BASIC, possible the first products of the as yet unformed Microsoft Corporation. Bill Gates must have made MITS its first licensee.

Book Review of Ted Nelson's
Computer Lib and Dream Machines

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