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Herbert S. Hughes, Head of the administrative Staff, uses his console to develop a management information system for the Laboratory. Mr. Hughes and his staff provide information, publications, personnel, financial and physical plant services to Laboratory members.

The Laboratory's Reading Room is equipped with specialized literature in Computer Science. In addition to books, it maintains subscriptions to some 120 journals, and receives research reports of other computer research laboratories.

The printing presses of the Laboratory, under the careful guidance of Lorraine Cavallaro (right) and Evelyn Profirio, are used to print the Laboratory's journal publications (Technical Reports and Technical Memos), as well as class notes, and individual research group memos.

Allison Platt is the editor and graphic designer for the Laboratory publications and designed this brochure.

This 1975 MIT Lab for Computer Science Brochure was reconstructed in HTML by Peter Szolovits, 1995.
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