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Tandy 1000 Personal Computer SX

The Tandy 1000 Personal Computer SX

From the Tandy 1000 software archive:

From about 1986 until 1991, the Tandy 1000 was a leading series of home computers sold by Radio Shack stores all around the nation. The Tandy 1000 was PC-compatible, but had 16 color graphics and 3 voice sound, features much better than on the original IBM PC. Most PC games back then supported Tandy graphics. It was only when VGA graphics and Soundblaster sound became common in the early '90's that the Tandy's features became obsolete.

From 8bit micro's page on the Tandy 1000 Series (by Brian Hahn):

For those who don't know the Tandy 1000 was the first PC that Tandy actually put their name on.  Until then they were referred to as the TRS-80 which stood for Tandy Radio Shack.  Even the Tandy 2000 which came a full 12 months before the 1000 still had the TRS-80 logo.

To say that the Tandy 1000 was a work horse would be an understatement.  In PC power it was on par for the day with an Intel 8088 CPU running at 4.77 Mhz. and 7.16 Mhz., (switchable) but the actual craftsmanship in this unit was extraordinary!  This unit would not die, it was like a good set of Henry Kloss speakers.  The Tandy 1000 just kept going and going. 

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