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More Views of the DigiBarn Barn at Ancient Oaks

DigiBarn seen from the rear, with views of the Bear Creek valley beyond

The DigiBarn is a ninety plus years old barn constructed of old growth redwood that is part of the original "Ancient Oaks Ranch", a 19th century farmstead nestled deep in the Santa Cruz Mountains of Northern California. Serving six generations of families on the farm as a livestock barn for horses, chickens, hogs, peacocks and at one point housing an apple cider press, the DigiBarn was extensively remodeled by the Kriz family from approx 1968 to 1998. The Kriz's extended the structure, back-built a concrete foundation and developed the upstairs hay loft into three rooms.

Other views of the DigiBarn, showing the upstairs rooms formerly a hay loft and now the home of the DigiBarn Computer Museum

Initially not knowing what to do with 5,000 square feet of pretty fine space, Bruce and his partner Ms. Galen Brandt used the barn for storage and some company functions for their firm DigitalSpace Corporation. Bruce christened the Ancient Oaks Ranch the "Digital Garden" in keeping with its more high tech garden mission. Thus the barn became the DigiBarn. In March of 2001, two pigs moved into the downstairs stalls and one piglet was born that June (surviving out of an initial litter of five). They are great gatekeepers for the museum and complement it with their incessant binary language of grunts (see the pig family above).

Overhead view of the DigiBarn

Other residents of the DigiBarn

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