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DigiBarn in the News Media

The DigiBarn is frequently featured in international news media. Find below the stories we know about (TV documentaries, newspaper and magazine coverage). If you would like to do a story about the DigiBarn or any of its artifacts please contact us. As this is an all volunteer operation our time is limited but we will seriously consider supporting your project if you are sincere. If you want to see a broader scope of coverage of the DigiBarn out on the web and in the blogosphere simply google us. If you would like to search our site use our own search.

Media coverage of the DigiBarn since 2001

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2016 Media Coverage

April 1, 2016: Bruce Damer interviewed by Voice of America in Apple Turns 40 in World It Helped Create and also see Daniel Terdiman's FastCompany story
Four Decades of Apple Artifacts

February 22, 2016: Wesley A. Clark, Computer Designer, "father of personal, interactive computing" and a great friend of the DigiBarn passes. See TechRepublc story Wesley A. Clark, legendary computer engineer, dies at 88 and the New York Times Obituary here.

2013 Media Coverage

November 2013: Computer History Museum Releases Apple II DOS Source Code in collaboration with DigiBarn.

April 2013: The untold story behind Apple's $13,000 operating system on CNET (by Daniel Terdiman).

2012 Media Coverage

August 2012: Santa Cruz Collects story at Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History and DigiBarn "computer family" exhibit.
(and big version of DigiDude)

Media Coverage

April 1, 2010: Ed Roberts, founder of MITS has passed away, see story at News.com which links to the Digibarn's Tribute Page and MITS@40 site.

January 8, 2010: Sac State 8008 is the top story on News.com!

2009 Media Coverage

Try Google's New Search for 2009 Digibarn Stories

Mar 5, 2009: Review of MacHeads the Movie in the Jerusalem Post (features the DigiBarn)

Jan 23, 2009: BBC News story about MacHeads, mentioning Digibarn

MacHeads the Movie Premiere at MacWorld 2009, San Francisco, See DigiBarn co-founders Bruce Damer and Allan Lundell on stage as well as many other "MacHeads" (Jan 7, 2009)

2008 Media Coverage

Bruce Damer appeared in Moments that Changed Us with Steve Wozniak (recorded Summer 2008, broadcast December 5, 2008 on American Life TV)

Wired Magazine covers some of the Digibarn's more important manuals including the 1981 Preliminary Macintosh Business Plan and the 1978 Apple Red Book (in November 2008 issue).

Digibarn featured in Christian Science Monitor story "California Museums tell the history of computing" By Ben Arnoldy and Teresa Méndez (May 8, 2008).

Bruce Damer and Allan Lundell about the Digibarn and portable computing on CNET TV LIVE San Francisco (April 24, 2008)

Digibarn Features in CNET TV's Tales of Silicon Valley

Filmed by CNET, 2007-2008

February 29, 2008: "The Original First Person Shooter: Maze War", CNET TV's Tales of Silicon Valley episode interviews Digibarn founder and curator Bruce Damer about the Digibarn's effort to restore and bring back to life the original 1974 Imlac PDS-1 version of Maze War, widely regarded as the first first person shooter (recorded Fall 2007).

February 5, 2008: "The Mighty Cray", CNET TV's Tales of Silicon Valley episode interviews Digibarn founder and curator Bruce Damer about the Digibarn's Cray Supercomputer (recorded Fall 2007).

February 5, 2008: "The work-at-home Revolution", CNET TV's Tales of Silicon Valley episode interviewing Allan Lundell about using a North Star Horizon and modem in the early 1980s to file his stories for Infoworld and becoming one of the first telecommuters (recorded Fall 2007).

February 4, 2008: "The Grandfather of the GUI", CNET TV's Tales of Silicon Valley episode interviewing Bruce Damer about the Xerox Alto computer, the primordial platform where graphical user interfaces, networked computing and much more was invented, and then stolen (recorded Fall 2007).

January 31, 2008: "The Computer that Started a War (well at least a business!)", CNET TV's Tales of Silicon Valley episode interviewing Bruce Damer about the Sol-20 computer, the first commercially successful packaged (nice keyboard, case) microcomputer, which motivated many (including Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak) to get out to market with the Apple ][ (recorded Fall 2007).

January 30, 2008: "iPod's Grandpa", CNET TV's Tales of Silicon Valley episode interviewing Bruce Damer about the Daniel Kottke's 1980 portable music computer (recorded Fall 2007).

January 17, 2008: "The First Ethernet", CNET TV's Tales of Silicon Valley episode interviewing Bruce Damer about the first Ethernet connections to researchers at Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center (recorded Fall 2007).

2007 Media Coverage

November 6, 2007: "Vintage Computer Festival: The rare, historic, and bizarre", CNET TV episode about the Vintage Computer Festival, covers the LINC event.

November 6, 2007: "Old geeks hang out in new place" story in The Inquirer (UK) story mentions the Digibarn presentation at the 10th Vintage Computer Festival.

November 6, 2007: "Gallery: Ancient Marvels Abound at Vintage Computer Festival" showing Wes Clark turning knobs and other folks on the LINC in a Wired photo essay of the Digibarn event and the Vintage Computer Festival.

November 5, 2007: "The 10th Vintage Computer Festival passes into history" in Speeds and feeds Technology analysis by Peter N. Glaskowsky mentions the Digibarn and LINC presentations at the 10th Vintage Computer Festival.

November 4, 2007: "Cake, Code and Memories at Vintage Computer Festival" by Christine Finn is about the Digibarn and LINC at the 10th Vintage Computer Festival.

November 3, 2007: A peek back at the history of computing mentions the Digibarn and LINC presentations at the 10th Vintage Computer Festival.
Also see CNET's photo gallery of the VCF showing the LINC and Digibarn sessions.

October 4, 2007: Bruce quoted in a special story by Tom Merritt "Tales of Silicon Valley" about the Digibarn and the "two cultures of Apple" on CNET (news.com).

In Pictures: The Most Collectible PCs of All Time by By Harry McCracken, PC World, and also featured on MSN tech & gadgets (Sept 2007).

Digibarn on News.com:
"A trip down computer memory lane" (Aug 2007)

See the the digibarn on CNET TV! (Aug 2007)

Slashdot coverage of the CNET Digibarn story (Aug 2007)

Digibarn mentioned in Reuter's news story "Fun and Profit with Obsolete Computers"
(on News.com and in stories around the web titled: "There's history and money in obsolete computers" (April 2007)

Bruce Damer's Terra Nova column on the history of virtual worlds mentions the Digibarn's Maze War project part 1 and Maze war and early social virtual worlds and the emergence of new language in-world, and finally the history of meeting in virtual worlds (March 2007)

Digibarn mentioned in Editor and Publisher in story on "Virtual' Journalism in an Online 'Second Life"
(February 2007)

2006 Media Coverage

Woz highlights Apple anniversary celebration
(posted Nov 5th, 2006) about our Apple@30 event!

In Search of the Valley
movie DVD is launched! (Fall 2006)

Leander's Cult of Mac story "Forget Jobs, Let's Worship Woz" mentioning the Digibarn! (August 2006)

Curator Bruce Damer and the Digibarn project are this month's "Featured Commoner" at the Creative Commons (June 2006)

History Channel program features Digibarn!
Program airs all year, check local listings.

January 5, 2006: Bruce Damer and the DigiBarn was featured in a story Memory palace for nerds a shrine to '80s heyday by Charles Mandel for CanWest news services, and published in Canadian newspapers and online sites.

2005 Media Coverage

Click here for the DigiBarn segment of this show

November 13, 2005: The DigiBarn was featured in How William Shatner Changed the World on Discovery Channel (Canada). This program aired again in December 2005 and possibly again in 2006, check showtimes here. You can see the shoot at the DigiBarn for this program here back in March, 2005 and the show segment on DigiBarn TV here.

November 5, 2005: The DigiBarn produced and hosted Homebrew@30, the 30th Anniversary Retrospective of the Homebrew Computer Club, at the Vintage Computer Festival 8.0. See CNET's coverage of this event here.

May 9, 2005: The DigiBarn supported the Internet Archive's brief to the Copyright Office on orphan works, please read the full brief here (2.5MB PDF). Exerpt of our statement

The Center for the Study of the Public Domain at Duke University Law School and the DigiBarn Computer Museum have endorsed the Internet Archive’s proposal for a safe harbor for archives and libraries that engage in digital preservation and access subject to appropriate procedures designed to protect copyright holders’ interests.


The DigiBarn Computer Museum, an online museum dedicated to the history of the personal computer, notes that with respect to over 100,000 artifacts over several years, not one copyright owner has invoked DigiBarn’s “escape clause” permitting the owner of the copyright in any work to request that DigiBarn remove his or her work from its site. See generally DigiBarn Computer Museum OW0049, Comment on Orphan Works Notice of Inquiry, March 25, 2005, at https://www.copyright.gov/orphan/comments/index.html.

Discovery Channel Shoot
(March 1, 2005)

Our coverage of the passing of Jef Raskin (see special memorial pages)
and coverage in Wired News (February-March 2005)

2004 Media Coverage

DigiBarn featured on CBS Affiliate KPIX (San Francisco) program Evening Magazine (Nov 30, 2004). Digital dub of segment TBD. The show was taped in July of 2004, see video of our segment here and other news of this great program.

DigiBarn curator Bruce Damer was featured on KUSP 88.9 FM Central Coast Public Radio (Santa Cruz) program Geek Speak (Nov 5, 2004). Listen to the segment stored on the DigiBarn site here (10.8MB MP3) and on the Geek Speak server here. This show focused on the Nov 7th Maze War 30th Anniversary event and the DigiBarn in General.

The DigiBarn was slashdotted! The museum and its Maze War 30 Year Retrospective was featured on Slashdot.com (Oct 29, 2004).

DigiBarn co-founder and videomaker Allan Lundell was interviewed for French TV at the DigiBarn (Sept 20, 2004) on the subject of "the MiniTel in America". Air date not set. Digital dub of segment TBD.

DigiBarn featured in the British documentary In search of the Valley, taped here on Sept 13, 2004. Digital dub of segment TBD. See the blog of their visit here.

DigiBarn featured on CBS Affiliate KION 46 (Salinas) program Life in the 831 (June 17, 2004) with Brian Speciale. Digital dub of segment TBD.

Kiel Bryant Hosier's CompuBots featured in Wired News (June 9, 2004).
See Kiel's Compubots hosted right here at the DigiBarn!

The DigiBarn was featured in WinXPnews (Mar 9, 2004).

The DigiBarn was featured on The Screen Savers on TechTV
, Friday February 27th, 2004, 4-5pm Pacific Time (re-broadcast at various times, check local listings).

The DigiBarn was covered in a story by San Jose Mercury News columnist Mike Cassidy " Cultivating the history of the PC" (February 10, 2004). See also our pages on Mike Cassidy's visit to the DigiBarn (Jan 22, 2004).

The DigiBarn was mentioned and Curator Bruce Damer was quoted at (see page 2) The Macintosh's Twisted Truth (by Owen Linzmayer, Jan 10, 2004). on Wired News' coverage of the 20th anniversary of the Macintosh (January 2004). See our special section on "The Mac at 20" for much more coverage of The Mac at 20!

2003 Media Coverage

The Honolulu Advertiser featured the DigiBarn in an article by Burt Lum, Byte Marks: DigiBarn walks down computing's memory lane (December 2, 2003).

The DigiBarn was featured as the set to record part of an episode on "The World's Most Powerful" Bill Gates v Steve Jobs for BBC Two in the UK (aired December 4, 2003). An interview with Daniel Kottke was the main part of this segment shot at the DigiBarn. She photos of the BBC shoot here.

The DigiBarn opens 2004 with an excellent feature in Network World magazine called Talk about legacy machines . . . One man's junk is another man's treasure; embracing the original Ethernet taps by Michael Cooney (January 5, 2004). This story features our Xerox Alto Birthday Bash (30th birthday celebration) held at the Vintage Computer Festival in October 2003. An excerpt from this article follows: For network gear, the most interesting pieces we have are the original Ethernet taps and transceivers pulled from the ceiling at Xerox PARC [in Palo Alto, Calif.]. Damer says of particular interest is Dave Boggs' Ethernet drop, which is a "fat" 1M byte Ethernet implementation that fed packets right to Boggs, co-inventor of Ethernet along with Metcalfe.

DigiBarn described in a Popular Science magazine story "The Pride of FrankenMac" by Paul Wallich (November 2003). Quote from the story:
"The nostalgist impulse sequesters ancient machines in ad hoc museum collections -- veteran programmer Bruce Damer's Digibarn, for instance, houses hundreds of PCs dating back to the mid-'70s. Damer says he keeps old hardware and software running because static museum displays do nothing to convey the actual experience of using a Radio Shack TRS-80 with its subminiature tape drives, or one of Steve Jobs's original Next cubes. Damer invites computer builders and users to his museum to put their reminiscences on video for the day when old components finally give up the ghost. "

The DigiBarn's hosting of the Alto 30th birthday party event at the Vintage Computer Festival is mentioned in Wired News (October 8, 2003)

BBC TV shooting at the DigiBarn! (July 2003)


Interview in New York for CBS Sunday Morning News (on anniversary of Xerox Star) (aired Sunday April 27th, 2003)

Media Coverage

The DigiBarn web site was reviewed in Booklist Magazine
and described as "..really a fun site" (December 2002).

DigiBarn was mentioned in this article about the Computer History Museum in IEEE Spectrum Online (Nov 5, 2002), see the DigiBarn described in our section "Gigabits in the Woods" by Paul Wallich (story interview from May 2002).

JD Lasica interviewed curator Bruce Damer for the PopTech conference in which the DigiBarn is mentioned, see the Blog version here and the Well/web version here (October 2002)

Bruce Damer and Galen Brandt were featured on Geek Speak
, KUSP 88.9 FM (Sept 23, 2002)

The DigiBarn was featured in the German edition of GQ magazine.
(in German, August 2002)

Chris Lindquist of Tech Tact on CIO Online featured the DigiBarn in his story Living History (July 15, 2002)

The DigiBarn was featured in story on "Microsoft Life" (in Turkish, June 2002)

We were featured on ClicksToday too.

Our "Black Mac" and the DigiBarn Computer Museum was featured in in Wired News on April 15, 2002 and again on April 22nd!

We were a hot site on USA Today's Web Guide on April 16, 2002

Media Coverage

DigiBarn aired first on BBC Radio 4, Saturday June 29, 2002 (story recorded in November 2001)
see this page for internet version of Programme 4, and this page for participants and this page for the taping of the BBC visit.

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