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Historic Systems not housed here but documented in our online museum

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Computer Systems Housed at the DigiBarn
(In Alphabetic Order)

Visual Walkthrough of Museum (Under Construction)

Adam Family Computer System by Colecovision (thanks Kunga, Taylor Barcroft and others)
Access Actrix DS (thanks Nancy Noe)
Acorn Archimedes (thanks Daniel Smith)

Acorn BBC Microcomputer (thanks Stuart Gold for transport)

Acorn Electron (thanks Adriaan van Roeden)
Advanced Electronic Design AED 767 terminal an early graphics workstation (prototype) (thanks Derek Thornton)

Altair 8800 original front switch system, CPU board rev-A by MITS
Altair 8800b Turnkey System by MITS
Altos MP/M System
Amstrad PCW 8256 (two of them, thanks Jenny Lind)

See all our Apple Computer systems here or check out the list below:

Apple II original
early production model (thanks Mike Olson)
Apple II Plus

Apple II Plus from Bell & Howell
(unique in its black case, thanks Steve Samuelson)

Apple IIe
running Steve Wozniak's invitation to the US Festival (thanks Alan Lundell)
Apple IIe Platinum Edition
Apple IIc
Apple IIc Prototype and "2010" version with Flat Panel Screen (two systems, thanks Ed Goodwin, Michael Miller)
Apple IIgs
Apple IIgs Woz Special Edition (thanks Mac Warehouse and Cindi Manning)
Apple III (thanks Jim Mensch of Apple and Larry Shaw of the Exploratorium) complete with an interview of the father of the III, Wendel Sanders
Apple Lisa 2XL (2 - thanks Weird Stuff Warehouse and Larry Shaw at the Exploratorium in San Francisco)

Apple Lisa 1 (internal Apple development system)
(thanks Ed Goodwin)
Apple Macintosh 128K in Original Packaging shipped just after the superbowl January 1984 (thanks Weird Stuff Warehouse)
Apple Macintosh 128K with red light (thanks Weird Stuff Warehouse)
Apple Macintosh Color Classic
Apple Macintosh SE (several)

Apple Macintosh SE 1891T metal "black Mac" with Tempest Shielding by Candes Systems, (thanks Greg Wassmann formerly of the Weird Stuff Warehouse now at the Apple Store in Palo Alto)
Apple Macintosh Plus Tempest (from Candes Systems)
Apple Macintosh LC II
Apple Macintosh IIx (thanks Kunga)
Apple Macintosh IIfx (thanks Kunga)
Apple Macintosh IIci
Apple Macintosh IIsi

Apple Macintosh "MIKO"
(thanks Dan Croghan)
Apple Macintosh Portable (original white model) (thanks Niel Macdonald, Jef Raskin and others)
Apple Macintosh Powerbook 150 Portable (thanks Michael Miller)
Apple Macintosh Powerbook 170 Portable (thanks Sun MacNamee)

Apple Macintosh 20th Anniversary Edition
(thanks Steven C. Iwig)
Apple Macintosh PowerExpress (a rare, never-launched Macintosh)
Apple Macintosh Quadra 700
Apple Macintosh Quadra 840AV
Apple Macintosh Workgroup Server 9500
Apple Power Macintosh 6100
Macintosh clone from Radius model 81/110
Apple Macintosh TV "MacTV" (on loan from Niel MacDonald)
Atari 1040ST (thanks Kay and Don Eberwine)

Atari 400 (thanks Larry Shaw of the Exploratorium)
Atari 600 XL
Atari 800 XL
Atari 800
Atari 1200XL and Touch Tablet (thanks Chris Miller)
Atari Portfolio
Atari ST (Mega/STE model, thanks Ray Maynard)
ATT PC-6300 (two systems, one PC and one XT compatible)

Audrey by 3Com
(one white, one black, thanks Greg Gavutis and Greg Miller)
Avanti 025 notebook by BCC (thanks Steve Albert)
Bally Professional Arcade (thanks Ben and Darryl Lee)
Be Box prototype and production units (thanks Chris Dunphy and Matt Hamrick) running the original BeOS (see images of BeOS software here)
BSi-III Portable (thanks Andrew Volmensky)
Byt-8 from the Byte Shop (thanks Warren Yogi)

Canon Cat
(thanks Jef Raskin)
Coleco Adam Family Computer System (thanks Kunga, Taylor Barcroft and others)
Columbia Data Products (luggable - thanks Dave MacDougall)

Commodore 64

Commodore SX-64 a rare portable Commodore system (thanks Bob Gelman)
Commodore Colt
Commodore PET 2001 series
Commodore CBM 4032
Commodore Plus4
Commodore Vic20
Commodore Amiga 500 with 501 Expansion Card
Commodore Amiga 1000 Prototype with video compositor hardware (thanks Michael Miller)
Commodore Amiga 2500 with Video Toaster (thanks Kunga)
Commodore Amiga 3000 (thanks Warren Yogi)
Compaq Transportable
Compupro System 8/16 (thanks Mark Butler)
Corona PC

Cray 1 Supercomputer, and Cray Q2 Prototype, and Cray 3 artifacts and other memorabilia (with thanks to Tony Cole)

Cromemco systems
(thanks Michael Betts) including a Cromemco System 3, a Cromemco C-10, manuals, software and parts and a Cromemco HDD Disk Memory System (thanks Kevin Laney)
Data General DG/One Models 1 & 2 and Printer (thanks Vernon Weiss)
Data General Walkabout Portable (thanks Vernon Weiss)
Data General Walkabout SX (thanks Elizabeth Allen)
DEC Rainbow 100 (thanks Linda John)
DEC Robin (VT-180) (thanks Greg Croxton)
Digitalgroup System (thanks Larry Lynch-Freshner)
Dynamac (on loan from Niel MacDonald)
Dynabyte DB8/1 (thanks Dave Spenser)
Eagle PC II (thanks Dave MacDougall)
Epson QX10 (ready for ValDocs, thanks Matt Hamrick)
Epson HX20 (thanks San Lorenzo Valley Women's Club)
Exidy Sorcerer (two with monitor and printer, thanks Chris Miller!)
Franklin Ace 1000 (thanks Weird Stuff Warehouse)
Gavilan Mobile Computers (thanks Bryce Beck)

GO Penpoint tablet PC (thanks Gary Downing)

GRiD Compass II (thanks Ralph Abraham)
GRiDcase 2 (thanks Tom Griner)
GRiD-AST 1680C notebook
GRiD 1450sx notebook (thanks Steve Albert)
GRiDpad pen computer
Heathkit Microprocessor Learning System (thanks Sean Broderick)
HP Apollo 715/50

IBM 5110 Computing System
(thanks Lloyd Smithson)
IBM 5120 Computing System (thanks Carol Christy)
IBM PC Convertible (model 5140) (thanks Les Robbins)
IBM Personal Computer Model 5150, with hard drive
IBM Portable Personal Computer Model 5155 transportables (thanks Denton Pearson)

IBM Personal Computer AT
(thanks Denton Pearson)
IBM PC jr (thanks Adam Littig)
IBM PS2/P70 Portable Computer with plasma screen
The rare
Intel iPDS personal development system (thanks Frank Deutschmann)
IMSAI 8080 (thanks Larry Shaw of the Exploratorium)

(and Teletype model 40, original WordStar, thanks Rob Barnaby)
iXO tiny terminal computer

See Kaypro at the Digibarn, including:

Kaypro II with cool Wordstar keyboard template, a Kaypro 2X (thanks John Hagler), a Kaypro 1, as well as a Kaypro-10 with hard disk and Kaypro 2000 laptop (thanks John Furber), and Kaypro documentation

Kaypro 10 (thanks to UCSC professor Fred Lieberman)
Kaypro 2000 laptop (thanks John Furber)

KIM-1 by MOS Technology
(on loan, thanks Peter Jennings) and a rare Commodore KIM-1 with a cover (thanks Larry Lynch-Freshner) and another KIM-1 plus peripherals (thanks Eric Johansson)
KIM-4 by Commodore (thanks Eric Johansson)
Kurzweil 4000 document scanning system (thanks Inge Scherer)
Laser 128k apple II clone (thanks Weird Stuff Warehouse)

LINC - Laboratory INstrument Computer (thanks Scott Robinson & the LINC Team)
Mindset video processing computer systems (3 thanks to Robert Furber and Larry Shaw of the Exploratorium)
Minitel from France for the US market (thanks Alan Lundell)
Morrow PC (thanks Frank Brandt and Caroline Hay)
National Semiconductor SBC 80/10 Homebrew Multi-Bus 8080 system (thanks Richard Straka)

NeXT Cubes
and separate 68030 motherboard (Thanks Harold Borkin of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and Frank Jas & Ralph Abraham)
NeXTStation Color slab which runs NeXT Step 3.3, see images of NeXTstep running here
NeXTstation Black and White (slab) and Laser Printer (thanks Matt Hamrick)
North Star Advantage (thanks Weird Stuff Warehouse)

North Star Horizon
(2) with wooden and metal cases (thanks Mikol Ryon and Clifford Flath)

Ohio Scientific Challenger- Original Model
(thanks Jim Whelan)
Ohio Scientific Challenger 2P
(thanks Larry Lynch-Freshner) and 4P

The Osborne Universe at the Digibarn, including:

Oyster by GR Electronics (thanks Maurhen)
Panasonic Sr. Partner portable PC
PC Jr (IBM) (thanks Weird Stuff Warehouse)
PERQ T2 with Intran system by Three Rivers Computing (thanks Roberta McKee)

PolyMorphic Systems Poly 88
(thanks Mark Lottor)
Poqet PC (two, thanks Mark Bigelow!)
Quest Cosmac Super Elf (thanks Gil Goodin)
Sanyo PC MBC 550/555


Seattle Computer Products Gazelle
(thanks Larry Dersh)
See all our Sharp systems including an Sharp's first portable PC-5000 and Sharp MZ-200 laptop (thanks Bob Marble)
Silicon Graphics Personal Iris (thanks Mac MacDonald)
Silicon Graphics (SGI) R45K Indigo
Silicon Graphics (SGI) Indy (thanks Bill Goldberg)
Sinclair ZX81 (thanks
Craig Rockweiler)

(by Processor Technology, thanks John MacPherson) also see Solfest! our page of resources of Processor Technology and the Sol-20 at the Digibarn & around the web
Sony Magic Link (thanks Ed Satterthwaite)
Southwest Technical Products Corp SWTPc 6800 and 6809 S/09 (thanks Roy Murphy and Dick Murphy)

Swyft portable
(thanks Jef Raskin)

S-100 Multiprocessor
, the largest S-100 system ever built (thanks Roy Murphy)
Texas Instruments TI99/4A Beige Model (thanks Adam Littig)
Texas Instruments TI99/4A Silver Model (thanks Adam Littig)
Texas Instruments Tymshare 100 (Silent 700) terminal (thanks Robert Munoz)

Tandy TRS-80 Model 1
, Level II (16K)
with stringy floppy drives, loaded!
Tandy TRS-80 Model II with extra 8 inch floppy cabitent and printer (Thanks Ruth Witkin)
Tandy TRS-80 Model III low serial number "converted" into a model 4 (thanks John Freire)
Tandy TRS-80 Model IV (4) sans floppy drives, rare! (thanks WeirdStuff Warehouse)
Tandy TRS-80-4P with DMP 200 printer and software
Tandy TRS-80 Model 100/102 (3 units) the famous "tablet" portable system beloved by journalists (thanks Kevin Laney)
Tandy TRS-80 Model 200 (a close cousin to the model 100, thanks Jef Raskin)
Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer (the "Coco")
Tandy TRS-80 Micro Color Computer (MC10)
Tandy 1000 Personal Computer SX
Tandy TRS-80 Model 2000
(thanks Scott Sutcliffe)
Timex Sinclair 1000
Toshiba Portege Laptop
Toshiba T100X early tablet PC (thanks Matt Hamrick)

TR-48 analog desktop computer
by EAI (Thanks Ken Bishop)
Uniden Network Computer (NC) (thanks Sellam Ismail)

Vector Graphics Vector 1
(thanks Derek Thornton)
Wang 2200A and WSC/30 Word Processing System (thanks Bill Hickman)
Workslate by Convergent Technologies (thanks Larry Shaw of the Exploratorium)
Wren by Thorn EMI (thanks Maurhen)

Visit The World of Xerox at the Digibarn, our extensive collection of Xerox computer systems, documents, media and other artifacts
including the computer systems below:

Xerox 6085
"Daybreak" (several systems in a fully functional network - thanks Dave Curbow and Inge Scherer)
Xerox 860 IPS (thanks David Linder)
Xerox 820 II CP/M microcomputer (thanks Inge Scherer)
Xerox 8000 Server (thanks Inge Scherer)
Xerox 8010 Star "Dandelion" (two of them, one working! thanks Alan Freier)
Xerox 8090 Server (thanks Alan Freier)
Xerox/Century Data removable disk cabinets (thanks Inge Scherer)

Xerox Alto II/XM

Alan Freier and the D0 "Dolphin"

Xerox Alto II XM, thanks Mallorys! Also see our Alto mouse and keyset
Xerox "D0" Dolphin and its story and the story of the "D*" machines (by Alan O. Freier)
Xerox Dlily "Bounty Board" (single board implementation of MESA/viewpoint environment)
Xerox Intran Edition running on Sun IPX (thanks Mike Jacovitch)

See all our Zenith computer systems including the Zenith Z-100 Original Desktop Computer (thanks Robert Munoz), Zenith large portable (thanks Andrew Volmensky), Zenith 180 PC series laptop (LCD screen) (thanks Andrew Volmensky), and Zenith MiniSport sub-notebook computer (thanks Bob Marble).

And last but not least... Zorba by Modular Micros (thanks Erik Klein)
Got a historic computer we need for our collection? Check our wish list and let us know what you have!

Mystery Systems
(we don't know what they are, perhaps you do?)

We don't have any mystery systems to post at the moment (stay tuned!)

Calculators, Computation Devices and PDAs

Huge calculator and PDA collection!
(stand by for individual photos)

Individually documented artifacts:

HP 15C calculator (thanks Jef Raskin)
HP-35 calculator (thanks Mark Bigelow)
HP 45 calcularor and original case and materials (thanks Judy Jones)

Wolverine, 1940s tin toy mechanical adding machine

1910s-1940s Comptometers
, Mechanical Calculators (thanks Brooke Boering)

Curta Type II
, a personal portable calculator made in Liechtenstein
Contex 10, late 60s Danish "portable computor" personal mechanical calculator
K-E slide rule issued to officers at West Point (thanks Daniel Dugan)

E6-B9 Flight Computer

Abacas, China, 2500 BCE (thanks Warren Damer)
Got a historic calculator we need for our collection? Check our wish list and let us know what you have!

Historic Systems not housed at the DigiBarn Museum
(but worth viewing here in our online museum)

Apple-1 Computer
(thanks Sellam Ismail at the Vintage Computer Festival)

Oldest Macintosh, early portable Apple Computer Daniel Kottke's Amazing Apple Relics

Got a historic computer we need for our collection? Check our wish list and let us know what you have!

Print Documentation

Memory Joggling Mind Boggling Advertisements

Apple Original MacIntosh Ad - brochure insert
featuring Bill Gates! (December 1983)

Two very early Apple I ads
(1976) and
two Classic Apple II ads: A is for Apple and How to buy a personal computer (1978, 1979)

Inside Altair Popular Electronics (June1975)
Intran "Butterfly" Ad (1984?)
PERQ T2 two page ad (198?)

IBM Corporate Advertising
UNIVAC Ads: The Men Who Manage Stand Alone (1956) and You are trying to Divide by Zero (195?)
National Geographic Ad: AT&T: Planning high-speed business (1928)

Xerox Monks 1977 Superbowl ad
"it's a miracle!" (thanks Allen Kay)
More ads from our collection coming soon! Got a historic ad we should know about? Drop us a line!

Revealing Brochures, Forms, Flyers and Proceedings

Elixir Technologies' Brochures and Product Descriptions

Xerox Documenter
brochure (1987)
Intran Metaform flyer (1983)
Xerox Intran Edition Brochures (1989)
Apple Original MacIntosh Ad - brochure insert featuring Bill Gates! (December 1983)

West Coast Computer Faire Brochures, Forms, and Proceedings
Maze Ware brochure from InterOp conference (Oracle)
More brochures from our collection will be featured soon. Got a cool vintage brochure we should feature? Please get in touch!

Whole Goshdarned Magazines

Incredible stories in the first and second issues of BYTE Magazine
Byte Magazine Issue #1 (Sept 1975)
Byte Magazine Issue #2 (Oct 1975)

Byte Art Covers by Tinney (1970s and 80s)
Popular Electronics July 1976, cover feature on Sol-20 Terminal Computer & Altair ad
Popular Electronics June 1975, including the ad "Inside the Altair 8800"

acover.jpg brain1.jpg

Popular Science May 1949

Interface Age featuring Lee Majors Bionic Man (1977)
What Micro? - British Computer Magazine (1983)
Dr. Dobb's Journals

Huge donation of Magazines
All thanks to Mark Goldstein of International Research Center in Phoenix on behalf of the Arizona Technology Council.:

See the current scans of the Byte covers and select content here. More scans to follow. Goldstein collection includes:

Byte Magazine 1:2 (10/75) - 5:6 (6/80); missing 1:1
Byte Magazine 5:7 (7/80) - 7:12 (12/82)
Byte Magazine 8:1 (1/83) - 10:4 (4/85)
Byte Magazine 10:5 (5/85) - 12:13 (10/87)
Byte Magazine 12:14 (12/87) - 15:11 (10/90)
Creative Computing, Best of Vol. 1 (1975); Best of Vol. 2 (1976); 3:1 (1-2/77) - 7:12 (12/81)
Creative Computing 8:1 (1/82) - 11:12 (12/85)
Kilobaud Microcomputing 1:1 (1/77) - 5:12 (12/81)
Kilobaud Microcomputing 6:1 (1/82) - 8:10 (10/84)
Interface Age 7:4 (4/82) - 9:9 (9/84)
Computing for Business (12/84) - (2/85)
Lifelines (10/82) - (10/84)
Interface Age 1:1 (8/76) - 7:3 (3/82)
Personal Computing 1:1 (1-2/77) - 7:8 (8/83)
Personal Computing (9/83) - (4/87) + (3, 5, 7-8/88)
PC Clones (1-6/88)
Softalk (5, 8, 10-11/81), (1, 3-5, 7-10, 12/82), (3-11/83), (1-8/84);
Micro, Best of Vol. 1, #6 (7-8/78) - #25 (6/80), #33 (2/81), Best of Vol. 3 (6/79-5/88), #53 (10/82) - #76 (10/84)
On Computing 1:2 (Summer 1979) - (Fall 1981);
Popular Computing (11/81) - (12/85)
Incider (1/83) - (1/88), (9-10/88)
Apple Orchard (3/80) - (9/84)
PC Magazine 2:1 (6/83) - 3:18 (9/18/84)
PC Magazine 3:19 (10/2/84) - 5:7 (4/15/86)
PC Magazine 5:8 (11/29/86) - 6:19 (11/10/87)
PC Magazine 6:20 (11/24/87) - 8:9 (5/16/89)
PC World 1:1 (2/83) - (11/85), missing 1:9
PC World (12/85) - (6/88)
Infoworld 1:1 - 4:8; On Line, a few issues

We will feature more scans of magazines here soon. Got magazines we are missing? Please tell us!

Downright Historic Books

Theodor Nelson's Computer Lib/Dream Machines
(1974, revised edition, 1977, thanks Dan Croghan)

Basic Computer Games
(classic by David Ahl, 1978)

Programming Languages (Digital Equipment publication, 1970)

A Decade of Research, Xerox Palo Alto Research Center 1970-1980

Apple Computer So Far (tenth anniversary book, 1987)
Apple IIgs Programming Series (complete)
Kids and the Apple (1982)
Commodore 64C GEOS & Quantum Link Users Guide, AOL before AOL
Computer Programming Fundamentals IBM (1961-66)
Computer Graphics, Melvin L. Prueitt (1975)
Computer Circuits for Experimenters (from Radio Shack 1974)
Digital Computer Programming (1957)
'How it Works' the Computer (ladybird book, 196?)
Introduction to the Basic Computer (Donald Eadie, 1968)
The Personal Computer Book (1980)
Xerox Star 8010 Book Set
Silicon Valley Guy Handbook (thanks Gerd Meissner)
Karel the Robot (thanks Judy Jones)
The Woz Wonderbook (thanks Bill Goldberg)

See also the computing history books on our recommended reading list
More books from the Digibarn library will be included in the future. Got a historic book you would like to donate? Let us know about it!

Groundbreaking Articles

Altair Notes Volume Two
(full of "firsts")
Xerox PARC Reports including the Alto paper (thanks Ed Satterthwaite)
DEC Research Report on Modula-3 (thanks Ed Satterthwaite)

Allan Lundell's extensive collection of articles
, including The Merry Pranksters of Microcomputing (1984) and a reporting of Steve Wozniak's ZALTAIR prank story.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer cover story on the launch of Windows95
More articles will be featured on the site. Got a history-making article we should feature here? Please get in touch!

Will Harvey's article "The Techniques of Animaton, Part III"
in Apple Orchard, March 1983

Technical Diagrams, Drawings and Schematics

Original Macintosh Logic Board design schematic
(1983, thanks Daniel Kottke)
Early Lisa Motherboard design schematic (1981, thanks Daniel Kottke)
Early Mac and Lisa Interface card schematics (1981 and later, thanks Daniel Kottke)

Actual Original drawing of Ethernet by Bob Metcalfe at Xerox PARC
(thanks parc, inc., Tracy Kugelman)
Early drawing of Ethernet by Bob Metcalfe at Xerox PARC
(thanks Alan Freier)

The schematics for the Osborne 1 portable computer, with talking tour by Lee Felsenstein
(thanks Gregory McNichole)

More technical drawings and schematics will be featured here, got something we should have, give us a shout!

Product Manuals and Userguides

Intran Metaform Manual (samples)
and (thanks Debbie Schilling)
Xerox Mesa PrincOps Language Manual (thanks Alan Freier)
The Electric Pencil Word Processor Operator's Manual (by Michael Shrayer, thanks Bill Goldberg)
Apple I computer documentation
Apple III documentation and Apple IIgs software and documentation (thanks Jim Mensch of Apple)
A Max II Manual (cover) system for converting an Amiga into a Macintosh (thanks Kunga, Taylor Barcroft)
Microsoft BASIC-80 (1979) and Microsoft BASIC-80 (1981)
TRS-80 Model One manual and other documents (1977)

Huge collection of Xerox documentation
including Xerox Alto & PARC research reports, Xerox Star 8010, binders for 6085/Viewpoint, 860, 820, GlobalView and various brochures. Also includes Viewpoint manuals - equations section sample.

Cromemco Manuals (1970s-80s)
Big collection of Mac Manuals
We have a large collection of manuals, some more of which will be featured over time. Got a historic manual we should have? Let us know about it!

Business Plans and Other Organizational Documents

Early Macintosh Division Org Chart
(thanks Daniel Kottke)
Macintosh Preliminary Business Plan (July 1981) cover only
Jef Raskin's notes on the Genesis and History of the Macintosh project (Feb 1981, thanks David Craig)
Apple Values statement and Apple newsletters and articles (thanks Jim Mensch of Apple)
Our scan of the Digital Group bankruptcy auction notice (1979 - (thanks Mark Bernstein)
Our scan of IMSAI Corporate Documents, from beginning to end (thanks Mark Bernstein)
More business plans to come, contact us if you have a historic business plan we should include here

Papers for Academic Journals and Conferences

Dick Sweet's ACM SIGPLAN paper on the Xerox Development Environment
More papers will be included in the site, contact us if you have a paper you would like us to include

Reports on Systems

Auerbach report on the Imlac PDS-4 (thanks Greg Thompson)


Sitrick Patent on networked game consoles (thanks Greg Thompson)

Notes and Designs (Inventing the Future)

AlphaWorld Design Notes (thanks Ron Britvich)


Photo documentation and brochure on Project MAC at MIT (early to mid 1970s, thanks Greg Thompson)

Instruction Set Guides

Imlac black and white and color instruction set cards (thanks Greg Thompson)

Online Documentation

Dave Curbow's extensive Xerox Star Historical Documents.

Alan Freier's "Wildflower" web site that was actually hosted for a time on an actual Star 8010 Dandelion with a custom built web server
More online documentation will be featured in the cyber-collection, contact us if you want us to host your documents


DigiBarn curator Bruce Damer's slide presentation for the Vintage Computer Festival 5 on "the Birth of the Graphical User Interface" (with powerpoint here).

Other presentations will be hosted on the site at some point, got a computing history presentation we should feature? Send it on in!


Homebrew Computer Club
newsletters (thanks Jim Mehl and others)
Rainbow Apple II Users Newsletter, Oct 1979, Columbia MD, USA
People's Computer Company newsletters, thanks Larry Lynch-Freshner (1976+)
Many more newsletters will be scanned and included on the site, contact us if you have historic newsletters we should be including


Kiel Bryant Hosier's Compubots

Finite State Fantasies
by Rich Didday, 1976 (thanks Dan Croghan)
More comics not yet included on the website, contact us if you have historic computing comics we are missing

Product Packaging

Windows 95 original launch event special edition
(thanks Kunga, August 1995)
A lot of other product packaging not yet posted here, get in touch if you have some cool vintage packaging we should be featuring

Posters Speak of an Era

Apple poster by Matt Groening
: Bongo's Dream Dorm
Mother Tongues of all Computer Languages (Thanks Dan Croghan)
Keyboard Prayer by Saint Silicon
MacIntosh G4 poster
MacBriefs issues (thanks Kunga, Taylor Barcroft)
Early Apple and Computer Faire Posters (thanks Judy Jones)

Many, many other posters not yet listed here, let us know if you have a historic poster we should be including

T-Shirts, the Ultimate Schwag of the Culture

Peruse our huge T-shirt collection
(thanks Stan Veit, Taylor Barcroft, Aubrey Meyers, Patrick McKercher and others)

Experience the "Tunnel-o-Tshirts"
, the spreading light cotton decor of the Digibarn

A huge number of T-shirts have yet to be photographed and include on the site, please get in touch if you have a historic tee that we should see

Hats, even cooler than T-Shirts

Original Apple Macintosh Division cap
(thanks Daniel Kottke)
Some more hats to come yet, got a cool historic cap, let us know!

Pins, Buttons & Badges, the Nerdliest Accessories

See our physical and virtual collections of badges, buttons and pins
from many sources (1970s-1990s)!

More pins and badges will be included on the site soon, got a pin or badge collection we should be featuring, get in touch!

DigiBarn TV and DigiBarn Radios (video and audio documentation)

Change channels to DigiBarn TV and sit back and enjoy our video features
including short story interviews, Allan Lundell's "what's that artifact?" show, a historic Steve Wozniak invitation, movies from our opening day and a personal tour of the museum by curator Bruce Damer.

Video Artifacts

Bill Gates Unplugged, CD-ROM with video from his 1993 COMDEX speech
Opendoc, shrinkwrapped, original VHS tape from Apple
Many, many more videos resources to be listed here, got something for DigiBarn TV? Get in touch!

DigiBarn Radio

Dial up DigiBarn Radio and listen to our collection of audio features including radio interviews, songs and music!

Audio Artifacts

Altair Sheet Music
Many, many other audio resources to be listed here soon, if you have some cool historic audio, please let us know!

Computer Game Systems
(Oddball and Earthshaking Computer Games)

Computer Football 5 Computer Sports Games
(totally prehistoric.. 1972!)
Atari Super PONG C-140 and Super PONG IV (1976, thanks Linda John)

The Fairchild Video Entertainment System/Channel F
(1976, thanks Stan Trevena)

Mattel Computer Gin (1979)
Radio Shack (Tandy) Science Fair Digital Computer Kit (1977)

The Vectrex vector-based videogame
(thanks Ed Satterthwaite)
MSX Game System prototype (thanks Luc Sala)
Many more game systems from our collection to be featured here soon, got a historic game we are missing? Let us know!

( that Ran or might still Run on the old systems)

Original Cassette of Applesoft Basic from Microsoft in Albuquerque
(extremely historic intersection, 1977, thanks Mark Henson and Monti)
VisiCalc by VisiCorp, first edition for IBM PC (1981)

Gallery of 1980s Elixir Desktop and applications
running live on a modern PC (2002)
Apple IIe software antics! (thanks Alan Lundell)

Xerox Alto operating system and applications

Xerox Star 8010 operating system and applications

High quality Polaroid shots of the Xerox Star 8010 interfaces
with some early Icon design decisions (1981)

Rooms for Windows by Xerox XSoft
TyRego Tyform system
(photos of system still in use, thanks Milisa Rollins)

GEM, the Graphics Environment Manager
from Digital Research Incorporated
by VisiCorp
Our future Apple Macintosh Software Library pages
GEOS for Apple II 128K

Microsoft Windows 1.0
, the first version of Windows!
Microsoft Windows/286 2.11, the first usable version of Windows!
Be OS running on a Be Box as well as versions running on Intel (thanks Benoit Shilling)
NeXT Step 3.3 running on a color NeXTStation
Amiga 2500 OS running Video Toaster
Cromemco software
TOPS inter-networking software from Sun Microsystems (for PCs and Macs)
Gypsy the Computer Oracle for the Mac and Lisa
Much more software from the physical collection will be featured here, got software we should know about? Let us know!

Computer Game and Virtual World Software

Maze War
, a multi user 3D game, played in the 1970s at Xerox PARC and later on D-Machines networks, this could be one of the first "avatar" 3D environments. See also our pages on MacroMind Mazewars, Callisto Super Maze Wars (for Macintosh), Oracle Maze (for Interop 1992), and other Maze implementations including email threads and notes on the NextStep MazeWars, MazeWar for Alto, Invideo MazeWars for PalmOS, Maze for AtariST, and Snipes.

Peter Jennings' Microchess on the Kim-1, TRS-80 and other platforms.

Historic Multi-User 3D "avatar" software, AlphaWorld, ActiveWorlds and WorldsChat

Jim Bumgardner's early history of The Palace, another virtual world on the net starting in 1995

The DigiBarn gets a virtual version in Active Worlds!
More computer game and virtual world software
to come, got something to suggest or contribute? Get in touch!

Our Huge Collection of Screen Shots featuring Operating Systems and Applications

See our huge collection of Screen Shots (thanks Bob A. Schelfhout Aubertijn and others)

More screen shots are needed for the Digibarn cyber collection, let us know if you have some we are missing!

Graphs and Trees

Bushy Tree of Evolution of Visual Computing Systems
(thanks John Redant)

Gordon Bell's Nomograph of computer users and the systems they first encountered
Mother Tongues of all Computer Languages (Thanks Dan Croghan)
Got a cool graph or tree? We need it, get in touch!

Printers & Plotters & Teletypes

Apple Laserwriter II
(thanks Jef Raskinl)
HP ColorPro Plotter (thanks Andrew Volmensky)

Xerox 4045
Laser Printer/Copier/Scanner
(thanks Inge Scherer)

Xerox Diablo printer
(thanks Inge Scherer)

The Xerox 9700 Electronic Printing System
(not housed here at the DigiBarn but its story is important to tell)

ASR-33 Teletype with paper tape reader and punch (thanks Inman Gallogly)

More printers from the collection will be listed here, is there a historic printer we are missing? Drop us a line!


Microsoft RamCard
(1980) for the Apple IIe (thanks Alan Lundell)
NeXT Cube Board (68040)

Cray 1 Dual-Sided Processor Board, and other cray boards, circa 1981-2
(thanks Tony Cole)
NeXT Processor Board (68030)
Whole collection of MITS and other manufacturers's S-11 boards
8800 CPU Rev A MITS S-100 Board, 8800b CPU Rev 0 MITS S-100 Board, S-100 Memory Board, an 8800b D/C Int MITS S-100 Board, 88-c700c MITS S-100 Board, and an Unknown S-100 Board
Xerox Bounty Board
(to run STAR/Viewpoint environment on an OS/2 PC)
Chip from Connection Machine #1 or 2 (thanks Brewster Kahle)
Kimsi by Forethought Products (1977)

DEC Firefly prototype dual processor card and history of the Xerox Dragon
(thanks Ed Satterthwaite)
Boards from a Xerox MAXC time sharing system built at Xerox PARC (thanks Ed Satterthwaite and Bill Jackson)

Macintosh Wire Wrap Board #5
and Group of Seven Logic Boards, and Analog Board and Mac Prototype Logic Boards (really old Mac stuff, thanks Daniel Kottke!)
Apple III Bare Board (1978, thanks Daniel Kottke)
Apple II "Brooklyn" chips (thanks anon Apple employee donor)
Olivetti M20 RAM Cards (modified, thanks Dwight Elvey)
Cromemco S-100 Boards

Giant Collection of S-100 Boards
(Thanks Roy Murphy and many others)

Ethernet Tap and Transceiver
from Xerox PARC (late 1970s)

Data General Corporation Nova core memory "mattress" from 1972
(thanks Bob A. Schelfhout Aubertijn)
TDK core memory from Japan (late 1960s)
Swyft card for the Apple II (thanks Jef Raskin)
More parts from our collection will be up here sometime, got a part from history we need to know about, we need to know about it!


Jef Raskin's Joystick
the first joystick for the Apple IIe (thanks Jef)

See our Alto II XM mouse and Alto II XM keyset (thanks Mallorys)
Our Xerox Star / 6085 mouse pad
And don't miss our fabulus PC jr "chicklet" keyboard (thanks B. Miller)

The weird Stringy Floppy
Cromemco Hard Disk Drive and Dual 8 inch floppy disk system

CalmPute GSR Biofeedback Trainer
by Thought Technology Ltd. (thanks Alan Lundell)
VFX1 Headgear Virtual Reality System
(thanks Greg Miller)
Prototype of a rocket tracking light (MITS Product #1, thanks for story Michael Holley)
We have more devices
from the collection to include here soon, got a historical device we should be including? Let us know!

Monitors & Terminals

Televideo Terminal
(thanks Weird Stuff Warehouse)
Sigma Designs MultiMode 120 (thanks Pavel Plachky of Elixir)
Informer Terminal
More monitors here soon, let us know if you have some kind of monitor or terminal we should have.

Clocks and Radios

Heathkit accurate wireless time setting radio (thanks Jef Raskin)


Dycam 1, the worlds first consumer digital still camera
(thanks Jef Raskin)



Windows95 Launch Glass Paperweight
(thanks Kunga)

Realplayer RealJukebox tiny suitcase (from the DotCom era!)
Xerox PARC mousepad for the dedication of the Pake Auditorium - 1996 (Thanks Tracy Kugelman)
More schwag from the collection will be photographed and included here, got some history-making schwag we have to have? Drop us a line!

Jokes, Hoaxes and Urban Legends

The infamous 1954 RAND "home computer" hoax

There is a guy in Northern California with a Cray in his Barn: the DigiBarn enters Urban Legendhood!
Internet Computer Jokes: The Language Lesson and What Gender is Computer?
Jokes and writings about Computer Collectors
(Ed Thelen)
More jokes to come! Got a good one? Let us have it!

Banners & Flags

NeXT Computer Flag

Jef Raskin's banner


Twenty five foot sectional Stendig couch From Xerox Palo Alto Research Center
(Bill English, Computer Science Laboratory, thanks Nick Briggs and PARC)

Historic Locations

Bletchley Park, UK
(home of the codebreakers and the Colossus in World War II)
Apple Bandley Drive (3)
Xerox PARC
and the small Xerox museum in El Segundo, California
Harvard Mark I exhibit at Harvard University
More locations to be listed here soon! Got a historic spot we should be featuring, let us know about it!

Just Weird Stuff

Tennis Shoe Computer Pedometer
for the Apple II paddle port (thanks Alan Lundell)
Calendar by Henry Dakin (1972) (thanks Alan Lundell and Henry Dakin)

The signatures found inside the Macintosh 128K computer case
(thanks David Craig)

Punchcard Printing Plate
(thanks Scott Hollows)
Charga-plate (thanks
Kathy Zasloff)

Gypsy the Computer Oracle game
for Apple MacIntosh and Lisa (thanks Kunga)
Xerox Computer Marble Paperweight (Xerox Computer Users Group, 1973)
Much more weird stuff from our collection soon, got something truly weird we should have, well, bring it on!

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